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Program: Summer Term 2022

We are looking forward to meeting you at our events!

You can find the full program here.

25 April - 29 July 2022

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Travels across Language: Cosmopolitanism Made/Unmade

Galin Tihanov (Queen Mary University of London)

09 June 2022

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Poland-Lithuania in the Age of the Atlantic Revolution

Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (SSEES UCL, London)

07 July 2022

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Cultures and Politics of Translation in Postcolonial and Postsocialist Contexts

Anne Brüske (CITAS)

20 - 21 July 2022

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News | 04 May 2022

Support for Ukraine

GS OSES(UR) Emergency Program for Ukrainian PhD Researchers and Early Career Researchers at the University Regensburg

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News | 12 April 2022

Call for Papers

The 3rd Graduate Workshop of the GS OSES will take place from 14th to 16th September. The theme will be "From 'Early Access' and 'Open Worlds' to Game-Cons and Clans: The Production of Spatiality and…

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