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Currently there is no regular intake of PhD researchers. Updates will be announced here in due course.


Application Process

Formal Requirements

Master’s degree

To apply to our Graduate School, you will need to have completed a master’s programme (or an equivalent, such as “Magister”), which included writing a master thesis. If you have submitted your thesis but you have not received your certificate by the time of your application, please let us know in your letter of application.

Language skills

Our curriculum is bilingual: English and German. Your language skills should therefore be good enough to take part in academic discussions in both languages. Language courses are offered by the university, should you wish to improve your language skills during the doctoral programme. Additionally, you should have a working knowledge of the languages you will need for your PhD research.


Your supervisor must be a faculty member of our Graduate School. The second supervisor should also be a member of our Graduate School, exceptions are only possible in very few specific cases. We recommend contacting your desired supervisor before you submit your application. The Graduate School’s manager can help identify appropriate supervisors.

Interdisciplinary work

An openness to interdisciplinary work and willingness to engage with a variety of perspectives is an important requirement for our doctoral programme. Attendance at events such as the interdisciplinary colloquia, the Theory and Methodology Seminar and the Summer School are mandatory.

Frequently asked questions

You will find answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the admissions process in our list of FAQ.