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Course Schedule Summer Term 2021

Required Courses


15.4., 14.30
Official Welcome and Presentation of New Doctoral Researchers
19.4., 11.00
„Getting Started with Your PhD“ - Introductory Workshop
Jacqueline Nießer (GS OSES)
20.4., 10.00-12.00
"Introduction into the IOS-Library System and Online Research Tools"
Tillmann Tegeler (Head of IOS-Library)


15.04., 16.15
„Negotiating Non-Territorial Citizenship: The Polish Consulate in Harbin during the Second World War”
Kathryn Ciancia (U Wisconsin, Madison) read more
06.05., 16.15
„The Postcolonial and the Postsocialist Revisited, or a Decolonial View of the Post-Soviet Human Condition“
Madina Tlostanova (U Linköping) read more
17.06., 16.15
"Warum tolerieren Autokraten kritische Medien? Eine neue Theorie nicht-demokratischer Öffentlichkeit und empirische Befunde aus der postsowjetischen Region"
Florian Töpfl (U Passau)
01.07., 16.15
"The Cognitive Empire and Coloniality of Knowledge in Africa"
Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni (U Bayreuth)

Study Groups

30.04., 10.15; 28.05., 14.15; 25.06., 14.15
Study Group: Language, Knowledge, Practices
Study Group: Transatlantic Entanglements and Comparisons

Theory and Methods

06.05., 10.00-13.00 & 07.05., 10.00-16.00
“Spatial Studies and Sociology – Concepts, Methods and Approaches”
Anna Steigemann (U Regensburg)
05.07., 10.00-16.00 & 06.07., 10.00-13.00
"Decolonizing space and knowledge. Theories, concepts and approaches in Cultural Studies"
Anne Brüske (U Regensburg)

LSC Research Modules - Collaboration (LSC Doctoral Researchers only)

read more

Optional Courses


10.05., 14.00-16.30
Mediating Area Studies as Public Knowledge
21.06., 14.00-16.00
Area Studies and Policymaking


09.03., 19.00
"Transformation Back and Forth: What about Women?"
Natali Stegmann (U Regensburg) & Renata Mieńkowska-Norkiene (U Warschau)
13.04., 16.00
Hot off the Press - Book Launch
Annina Gagyiova & Visar Nonaj
28.06., 16.00
„Remembering Yugoslavia’s Wars: Reflections on the RECOM Network“
Jacqueline Nießer (GS OSES)
13.07., 18.00
„Die Nordostpassage. Russlands langer Weg in die Globalisierung“
Andreas Renner (LMU Munich)