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Course Schedule Winter Term 2022/23

Required Courses


20.10., 14:30, 017 (AlFi)
"New Perspectives on Literary Censorship in Communist Poland (1944-1990)"
Kamila Budrowska (Bialystok) read more
10.11., 19:00, PT 3.0.79
"The Politics of Regret Revisited"
Jeffrey Olick (Virginia)
08.12., 14:15, via Zoom
"Left Feminism in Russia 2010-2022: Between Gender Studies and Activism"
Maria Rakhmaninova (St. Petersburg, Tbilisi)
19.01., 18:00, 319 (AlFi)
"Letters to Martin: Meditations on Democracy in Black America "
Randal Maurice Jelks (Kansas)

Annual Conference

14.09. - 16.09., 319 (AlFi)
"From ‘Early Access’ and ‘Open Worlds’ to Game-Cons and Clans: The
Production of Spatiality and Community in Contemporary Gaming"
3rd Graduate Workshop of GS OSES and LSC Regensburg read more

Study Groups

Study Group: Representation
Study Group: EMRE

Theory and Methods

24.11. - 25.11., SG 214
"Multiperspectivity and Multi-Scalarity in Writing Your Area Studies Thesis. Spatial and Social Science Theories and Methods"
Anna Steigemann (Regensburg)
11.01. - 12.01., 017 (AlFi)
"Introduction into Interdisciplinary Memory Studies"
Volha Bartash (GS OSES)

LSC Research Modules - Collaboration (LSC Doctoral Researchers only)

read more

Optional Courses


10.11., 18:00, 319 (AlFi)
"Chinas Kapitalexport nach Südosteuropa. Wie die Neue Seidenstraße expandiert"
Jens Bastian (Berlin)
02.02., 18:00, 319 (AlFi)
"Die Revolution hat ein weibliches Gesicht. Der Fall Belarus."
Olga Šparaga (Wien)