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Course Schedule Summer Term 2022

Required Courses


28.4., 11.15
Official Welcome and Presentation of New Doctoral Researchers


28.04., 14.15
“'Cold War Instruments'? Exiles from East Central Europe in U.S. political warfare"
Anna Mazurkiewicz (Universität Danzig) read more
12.05., 14.15
"Typen von Sprachkonflikten - mit Beispielen aus Russland und der Ukraine"
Monika Wingender (Uni Gießen) read more
12.05., 16.15
"Multiple times of planning: European and Soviet models of job motivation in the 1920s-60s"
Alexander Bikbov (Paris) read more
09.06., 14.15
“Travels across Language: Cosmopolitanism Made/Unmade”
Galin Tihanov (Queen Mary University of London) read more
07.07., 14.15
"Poland-Lithuania in the Age of the Atlantic Revolution"
Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (SSEES, UCL-London) read more

Annual Conference

14.09. - 16.09.
"From ‘Early Access’ and ‘Open Worlds’ to Game-Cons and Clans: The
Production of Spatiality and Community in Contemporary Gaming"
3rd Graduate Workshop of GSOSES and LSC Regensburg

Chapter Workshop

22.07., 9.00-16.00
Chapter Workshop, Room 017

Study Groups

08.06., 14.00-16.00 / 13.07., 14.00-16.00
Study Group: Representation, Room 017
01.06., 14.00-16.00 / 29.06., 14.30-16.30
Study Group: EMRE, Room 327

Theory and Methods

20.07. & 21.07., 10.00-16.00
"Cultures and Politics of Translation in Postcolonial and Postscocialist Contexts"
Anne Brüske (Universität Regensburg) read more

LSC Research Modules - Collaboration (LSC Doctoral Researchers only)

read more

Optional Courses

Transferable Skills

17.05. & 18.05.
"Conference Presentations and Writing Abstracts"
Josie Dixon (Winchester)
„Academic Writing Skills for Advanced Writers – Reflecting Upon One's Writing Process“
Eva-Maria Walther (Fulda)
"Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals – an Introduction"
by IOS editors: Peter Mario Kreuter (Südost-Forschung /tbc), Katharina Kucher (Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas), Sabine Rutar (Comparative Southeast European Studies)


Lesung Prosa & Gedichte
Maria Stepanova (Moskau) & Übersetzerin Olga Radetzkaja (Berlin) read more
BOOK LAUNCH - In den Stürmen der Transformation. Zwei Werften zwischen Sozialismus und EU
Ulf Brunnbauer (Regensburg) & Philipp Ther (Wien) read more
Roundtable “Transformation Back and Forth: Feminism, Gender, and what else?”
Leibniz ScienceCampus Regensburg Europe and America in the Modern World
Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft, Zweigstelle Regensburg