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Course Schedule Summer Term 2023

Required Courses


20.4., 11:00
Official Welcome and Presentation of New Doctoral Researchers


20.04., 14:15, 319
"Area Studies in the 21st Century: A Sum of Areal Knowledges, or a Field of Theoretical Innovation and Experimentation?"
Zoran Milutinović (London) read more
25.05., 16:00, 319
"Waste in the East. Consumerism and Trash in Communist Eastern Europe"
Viktor Pál (Helsinki) read more
15.06., 14:15, 017
"Logic(s) of Historical Persistence"
Jason Wittenberg (Berkeley) read more
29.06., tba, via Zoom
"Cosmopolitan Spaces in Odesa: A Case Study of an Urban Context"
Efraim Sicher (Be'er-Sheva) read more
20.07., 14:15, 319
"Jiří Gruša. Metaphors of Postnational Writing in Central Europe"
Dalibor Dobiáš (Prague) read more

Annual Conference

25.05.-27.05., Haus der Begegnung
"Environmental Discourse and Practice in Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Facing Challenges and Opportunities"
4th Graduate Workshop of GS OSES

Chapter Workshop

21.07., 9:00-14:00, 017
Chapter Workshop

Study Groups

Study Group "Representation, Narration"
07.06., 14 Uhr, 017
Study Group "Ethnographic Methods and Research Ethics"

Theory and Methods

11.05. & 12.05., 017
"Multiperspectivity and Multi-Scalarity in Writing Your Area Studies Thesis. Spatial and Social Science Theories and Methods"
Anna Steigemann (Regensburg)
registration open till 28 April at graduiertenschule@ur.de
16.05. & 17.05., 017
"Digital Ethnography. Methodological Approaches and Research Ethics"
Volha Bartash (GS OSES) read more
registration open till 28 April at graduiertenschule@ur.de
22.06. & 23.06., 017
"Colonization and Decolonization in Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and Eurasia"
Timothy Nunan (Regensburg) read more
registration open till 28 April at graduiertenschule@ur.de

LSC Research Modules - Collaboration (LSC Doctoral Researchers only)

read more

Optional Courses

Transferable Skills

25.04.-26.04., 122
"Writing Articles for International Publication in Peer-Reviewed Journals"
Josie Dixon (Winchester)


04.05.-06.05., 319
"Food and Body in Colonial Contexts in Pre-Modern Times (1600-1900)"
Organized by Olga Trufanova (GS OSES)
05.05., 16:00
"Where Research Begins. Choosing a Research Project That Matters to You (and the World)"
Christopher Rea (Vancouver) read more


06.06., 16:15, online
"Zwischen Liebe und Zwang. Nachdenken über eine Biografie aus der queeren Holocaustgeschichte"
Anna Hájková (Warwick)
13.06., 17:15, 017
"EU Strategic Autonomy: Views and Stances of the Visegrad Countries"
Song Lilei (Tongji University)
27.06., 14:15, 319
"Creating a Resilient Network to Fight Russian Propaganda. Psychology, a Chat Bot, and Values-Based Methods to Challenge Social Polarization"
Maya Stravinsky (Berlin)
28.06., 16:15, 017
"Kindheit als Privileg. Bildungsideale und Erziehungspraktiken in Russland (1750-1920)"
Katharina Kucher (Regensburg)
04.07., 17:30, Degginger
"Odes(s)a: Multiethnisch und kosmopolitisch? Eine historisch-wissenschaftliche Diskussion"
Mirja Lecke, Guido Hausmann und Walter Koschmal (Regensburg)