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Doctoral Workshop (Block Seminar)

Anna Steigemann (U Regensburg)

Thursday, 28 October 2021 11:00
Friday, 29 October 2021 17:00

Field Work Preparation and Empirical Research Methods for Interdisciplinary Area Studies

This hands-on seminar/workshop will introduce the participants to basic techniques for collecting, interpreting, and analyzing qualitative data, but also help the PhD candidates to reflect on their wider methodological approaches and data collection. For this, PhD students are required to share their current state and particularly the current fieldwork and data collection challenges in advance. This will allow us to zoom in and collectively discuss your individual field work plans, discuss ethical issues around doorkeepers, sampling, field work interaction with your research partners, how to protect and use sensitive data and information for your further work, next strategic and analytic steps, et cetera.

To register for the workshop, please submit the following to graduiertenschule@ur.de by 26 September 2021

  • 1 page expose (conceptual framework and research question(s))

  • 1 page methodological approach

  • max. 1 page current state & timeline of your PhD project
  • 1 page current challenges in regard to sampling, methods, methodology, and field work

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