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Rijeka-Regensburg Lectures

"New Trends in Southeast European Studies" Fall Term 2021

Tuesday, 16 November 2021 11:15
Tuesday, 14 December 2021 11:15

The joint virtual lectures series between the Univiersities of Rijeka and Regensburg is back again this semester. The idea of the series is to present ongoing research at each of the two sides and to bring together scholars with overlapping interests.


Tuesdays, 11.15am, via Zoom

November 16th

Eva Maria Walter (Regensburg): “An Urban Ethnography Of Ugliness: Relating Past and Present in Czech And Slovak Cities Through ‘Visual Smog’”
Sanja Puliar d’Alessio (Rijeka): “The Ethnography Of Complex Organisations: A Case Study Of The 3. Maj Shipyard”

December 14th

Brigita Miloš (Rijeka): "Motherhood And COVID: An Exercise in Autoethnography"
Adrian Grama (Regensburg): “Before Flexibility. Labor, Law and Capital in Interwar Romania and Portugal”