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WORKSHOP | When Border Studies Meet Social Sciences and the Humanities

Mélanie Sadozaϊ (Regensburg)

Monday, 01 July 2024 09:00

This workshop will aim at familiarizing students with the way border scholars apply different disciplines and schools of thoughts of the social sciences and humanities to analyze border and borderland dynamics. The workshop will also introduce the main current debates in border studies and how they can help understand what happens along and beyond borders. Students could submit beforehand examples of border and borderlands which could serve as case studies.

To register for this workshop, please send an email to graduiertenschule@ur.de by 2 April 2024 at the latest.

Mélanie Zadozaï, Research Associate at the Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies (DIMAS), Universität Regensburg

DIMAS, Bajuwarenstraße 4, 93053 Regensburg, room 825

Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies (DIMAS)