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Regensburg and Munich are home to several research libraries most relevant for conducting East and Southeast European Studies. Following institutions are close collaboration partners of the Graduate School in Regensburg and in Munich.

Library of the Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS)

With its collection of more than 330,000 media items, the library of the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies ranks internationally among the largest libraries of its kind in the humanities and social sciences.
The library collection facilitates studies not only on individual countries but also on the entire regions of East and Southeast Europe. This broadly conceptualized collection opens up comparative research perspectives on economics, politics, society and culture in the past and present. The collection contains essential literature on both the region's imperial aspects and its transformational processes.

Further information ... (website of the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies)

University Library Regensburg

With about 4 million entries in its collection, the University Library Regensburg is the largest academic library in the region. Its main task is to provide the academics and students of the University of Regensburg with literature and information relevant to their subject areas. Additionally, the University Library disseminates information effectively to the wider community both in the city of Regensburg and the surrounding region.

Further information ... (website of the University Library Regensburg)

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek – Osteuropaabteilung
[Bavarian State Library – Department of Eastern Europe]

With more than 10.5 million books, 59.000 current periodicals both printed and digital, around 130.000 manuscripts and various digital ressources and research data, the Bavarian State Library is one of the most important knowledge centers of the world.

The largest special department of the Bavarian State Library is focused on Eastern Europe – including East-Central and Southeast Europe and, with Russia, also parts of Asia. The relevant collections of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, i. e. literature from and about Eastern Europe, amount to approximately one million volumes according to a current estimate.

Further information ... (website of the Bavarian State Library's Department of Eastern Europe)

Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek im Sudetendeutschen Haus
[Academic Library at Sudetendeutsches Haus]

With approximately 170,000 items, the library boasts the largest specialist collection on the history of the Bohemian lands, Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia in Germany and Western Europe.

The library is administrated by the Collegium Carolinum and includes the holdings of the following organizations:

The collection covers three central topics: the history and culture of the Bohemian lands from the early modern period to the present, twentieth century Slovak history, and the history of the Habsburg monarchy. Works on jurisprudence, philology, literature, cultural memory, the history of art and culture, church and religious history, and ethnic studies are also well-represented.

The library also holds academic journals (where possible from the first volume onwards), the yearbooks of associations and schools, Czech and Slovak newspapers from the post-war period, as well as journalistic writings by German expellees, and publications by Czechoslovak emigrants.

Further information ... (website of the Collegium Carolinum)

Bibliothek und Archiv des Instituts für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte Südostereuropas
[Library and Archive of the Institute for German Culture and History in Southeast Europe]

The collection focus of this library lies on culture, history, literature and language of German settlement areas in East Central and South East Europe (i.e. Greece, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary). The library holds around 19.000 books and 1.000 periodicals as well as DVDs, CDs and microfiches with a focus on Southeastern Europe.

Further information in German language ... (website of the Institute for German Culture and History in Southeast Europe)

Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte
[Central Institute for Art History]

The library of the Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte is a reference library with limited access. It primarily serves scholarly research and, further, professional activity and education.

With its holdings of over 620.000 volumes, among them the publications on modern and contemporary art donated by Duke Franz of Bavaria, around 1,170 current periodicals and over 73.000 auction catalogues, it counts among the largest art libraries internationally.

The majority of the holdings is directly accessible in open stacks. On four magazine levels the books are arranged according to a classification consisting of thematic and formal sections.

Further information ... (website of the Central Institute for Art History)