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Dr. Beate Feldmeier

Dr. Beate Feldmeier


Doctoral Project

Sprachkontakt und Höflichkeit: Reflexion und Gebrauch von Anredestrategien von tschechischen Migranten im deutschsprachigen Umfeld — abgeschlossen

Language contact and courtesy: Reflection and use of the salutary strategies of Czech migrants in German-speaking countries — completed

In the courtesy research, the salutation is one of the central topics because it elaborates the status of the speakers. Therefore, forms perceived as inadequately can be perceived as a facial threat and make further communication more difficult. This intensifies because the adequacy of salutations is to be answered differently by cultural background: Although the use of the forms may be based on linguistic factors, the effect may be different if the salutation is classified as abnormal in terms of contextual knowledge. Particularly in language contact situations, it may happen that unmarked intended forms are rated as marked and thus lead to misunderstandings. Nevertheless, investigations into contact situations caused by migration have so far remained outside the field of research. In the project, the salutation behavior of Czech migrants in Germany is compared with that of German and Czech native speakers. Emphasis is placed on the shift of research interest to pragmatic language contact situations and the actors of interaction: The extension of linguistic investigations to pragmatics is of interest for language contact research because pragmatic phenomena such as the salutation behave differently due to their attachment to social practices and linguistic ideologies, and it is expected that a dominance of culture before language dependence can only be detected in the salutation behavior.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Wörth an der Donau. 10/2009-02/2014 Promotionsstudium Tschechische Philologie. 10/2007-05/2009 Zweitstudium Tschechische Philologie / Philosophie. 09/2006-09/2007 Zusatzstudium Bohemicum. 10/2003-10/2008 Erststudium Mathematik / Physik.



Anrede im Sprachkontakt. Reflexion und Gebrauch von Anredestrategien durch tschechische Migranten im deutschsprachigen Umfeld (Slavistische Beiträge, Bd. 498). München / Berlin / Washington 2014.

Presentations (selected)


"Sprachkontakt und Anrede: Reflexion und Gebrauch von Anredestrategien durch tschechische Migranten im deutschsprachigen Umfeld" (Internationale Slavistische Konferenz "Junge Slavistik im Dialog", Kiel, 17.-20.01.2013).


"Migration und Identität" (Doktorandenforum der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Bad Homburg, 31.05.-03.06.2012).


"Addressing Behaviour of Czech Migrants in Germany" (Letní škola lingvistiky in Dačice, Tschechien, 19.-27.08.2011).

"Migration und Höflichkeit: Anrede bei tschechischen Migranten" (Ostblick-Kongress an der Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, 19.-22.05.2011).

"Sprachkontakt und Höflichkeit: Anrede bei tschechischen Migranten" (Forum "Wissenschaft ohne Grenzen" des Zentrums Bavaria-Bohemia, Schönsee CeBB, 14.04.2011).

"Sprachkontakt und Höflichkeit: Anrede bei tschechischen Migranten" (Bohemistentag des Collegium Carolinum, München, 04.03.2011)


"Methodological Considerations about the Project: 'Change in Addressing Behaviour of Czech Migrants in Germany'" (Workshop "Teorie jazykového managementu a komunikace v nadnárodních společnostech a organizacích", Regensburg, 16.06.2010).