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Dr. Daniela Mathuber

Dr. Daniela Mathuber


University of Regensburg
Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies
Landshuter Straße 4
93047 Regensburg

Doctoral Project

"Na Moskve net carja." Das samozvanstvo als kulturelles Gedächtnis in der Geschichte Russlands - abgeschlossen

"Na Moskve net carja." The samozvanstvo as a cultural memory in the history of Russia - completed

In my dissertation I explore the phenomenon of the so-called, self-proclaimed samozvanstvo (Russian) - the appearance of false czars, empresses, emperors, other members of the dynasty or even false saints and biblical figures - based on the observation that the appropriation of a foreign identity, which took place in the interaction between a samozvanec/samozvanka and (potential) followers, was only successful when the public had contextual understanding. Thus, the transmission of this knowledge in the broadest sense relies on the memory of earlier cases of samozvanstvo. With a focus on examples from the 17th and 18th centuries, the knowledge base and its transfer should be, on the one hand, described theoretically, based on the cultural memory of Jan and Aleida Assmann. On the other hand, the functions of oral exchanges in public spaces, and its peculiarities, should be examined.

Please also see an overview of her project in the Graduate School's 2017 Annual Report.

Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor's Degree in History and Slavic Studies (Russian) and Master's Degree Programs in Eastern European History and General Slavonic Studies in Vienna. 2015 Graduation in General Slavic Studies with Master's Thesis titled History Imagery in Vojna i me, 2016. Graduation in East European History with Master's Thesis titled The samozvanstvo and its manifestations from the 17th to the 20th centuries. Since 2016, scholarship recepient of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies.

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Journal Articls and Book Chapters

"Tolstoi war Russe, ganz Russe, nur Russe". Der Tod Tolstojs in der österreichischen Presse. In: Tiwald, Katharina (Hg.): Lev Tolstoj – Krieg und Frieden. Fiktion und Realität (Im Prisma Band 4). Wien/St. Wolfgang 2012, 21-28. [Dieser Beitrag entstand aus dem gleichnamigen Vortrag auf dem Symposium Krieg und Frieden – Fiktion und Realia (Wien und Mattersburg, 24./25. November 2010).]



"'Tolstoi war Russe, ganz Russe, nur Russe'". Der Tod Tolstojs in der österreichischen Presse (Symposium "Krieg und Frieden – Fiktion und Realia", Wien und Mattersburg, 24./25. November 2010).