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Niklas Platzer, M.A.

Niklas Platzer, M.A.

European University Institute / Florence


Doctoral Research

Die Rübenzuckerindustrie des Habsburgerreiches im langen 19. Jahrhundert

The Beet Sugar Industry of the Habsburg Empire in the Long 19th Century

In the 19th century, sugar was well established as both a consumption good as well as a field of industry. However, the discovering of the sugar content in beet and its economical use marked a novelty and a fantastic opportunity: The Building of a completely new industry around a well-know, sought-after product.

Apart from its mandatory economic meaning, the project examines the beet sugar industry in three further narratives: Sugar from a social, an inner-imperial and and trans-imperial perspective. The project aims not only for a contribution to the economic and social history of one of the most influential and complex empires in the history of Europe. Addressing the interdependence of the narratives economic–social–inner-imperial–trans-imperial, the beet sugar industry becomes a burning glass for comprehensive developments in the Habsburg-Empire, its crown lands, and its society in the 19th century.

Curriculum Vitae

Niklas Platzer is currently a pre-doctoral researcher at the Graduate School of East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg. He holds a Master’s Degree in East European Studies from Ludwig-Maximilians- University Munich (LMU) and a Bachelor Degree in History from the LMU.


2020: Der Schwarze Peter des "Simplicissimus" – Balkanismus an der Person Petar I. Karađorđević, in: osmikon Themendossiers: Osteuropa „Simpl“ erklärt, unter: https://www.osmikon.de/themendossiers/osteuropa-simpl-erklaert-das-bild-ost-und-suedosteuropas-in-der-muenchner-satirezeitschrift-simplicissimus/balkanismus-an-der-person-petar-i-karadordevic

2021: Zwei Königsdisziplinen und der Rest: Osteuropaforschung in Deutschland, in: Osteuropa 2021/7: 133-153 (with Alexander Libman)

Positions, Assignments and Membership

Member of the Study Group "Representation, Narrations"