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Eva Schwab

Eva Schwab

Visiting Fellow 2016



Eva Schwab is a PhD student at the Institute of Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Central European University in Budapest. Previously she studied Sociology and Social and Cultural Anthropology in Münster and Vienna. Her research focuses on informal work, unemployment and the social history of Yugoslavia. A special focus is on the concept of race as well as the recycling industry and the Roma. She spent more than two years doing field research in Belgrade, half of which for her master's thesis on the expulsion of "unhygienic Roma settlements". In her dissertation project she analyzes forms of marginalization of Roma workers in the waste industry, starting with the first formal recognition of the recycling industry and the first regulatory attempts by the Yugoslav state in 1965 until today's reforms of the Serbian recycling industry within the EU "circular economy"


  • Visiting Research Fellow at the Graduate School in Regensburg, October - December 2018